GoBands by Resonex

Technology-enabled wristbands making the lives of senior citizens in assisted living safer.

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What are GoBands?

GoBands are part of a comprehensive service for assisted living facilities and nursing homes designed to ensure the safety of residents. With the wristbands' GPS and data capabilities, receptionists at the facility will be able to immediately locate residents who are outside of the building. In addition, residents with a GoBand can push the distress button if they need help.

Why Get GoBands?

Using GoBands provides peace of mind to both residents and facility managers. With the GoBand to help them in cases of emergency, residents will feel safer leaving the facility, providing them greater independence.

For facility managers, integrating the GoBands system will uphold their liability for residents and protect them from having legal action taken against them. The system will also be a major selling point for facilities, as it ensures security to prospective residents even when they are not supervised.

How It Works

Get a GoBand

As a senior citizen leaves the assisted living facility, they'll be issued a GoBand from the receptionist.

Stay Safe

If the resident needs help, they can push the GoBand's distress button, and the resident's marker on the map will begin to ping. The facility can then send help to the resident's exact location.


GPS Tracking

The nursing home will be able to send help to senior citizens' exact location in cases of emergency.

Distress Button

The senior citizen can push the distress button on the band to request help from their assisted living facility.


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